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All one on one corrective posture therapy services are available either on-site in Tampa or virtually by videoconference. Both formats are equally effective.

What We Offer

All one on one corrective posture therapy services are available either on-site in Tampa or virtually by videoconference. Both formats are equally effective.

Posture Assessment

A one on one 30-minute assessment to determine what the root cause of your chronic pain is and how posture therapy will help. This time offers us the opportunity to chat and get to know each other. You are so much more than your pain!

Single Class

A one on one 1-hour class of stretching exercises to unwind the knots that your muscles have been tied in over time. This is not recommended if you’ve been experiencing your chronic pain for 6 months or more, as the root cause will be deeper than one class can address.

Beginner’s Level Coaching

This is where most people start. It’s a series of 1-hour classes, one-on-one, available in groups of 8 classes or 16 classes. In your initial assessment, we can discuss what’s appropriate for your needs.

Group Classes

For the new or established student who wants to take their posture alignment to the next level and learn how to do stretching exercises that will strengthen their bodies while staying aligned. Dates and times to be determined.

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Posture mentoring

These classes are for the student who wants to touch base from time to time in order to keep their progress moving forward and their pain and limitations in the past. They are available in 30 minute or 1 hour time frames.

Email Coaching

Is your schedule just too unpredictable to commit to a time? We can base your individualized assignments on digital photos of your body. With email coaching, all communication is via email.


For established clients, occasionally I offer  the opportunity to get to know other students in a two-day hands-on “lab” atmosphere. We will talk about anatomy, physiology, and movement of the body. Then of course we will get up and put all that information into practice by moving our bodies to feel what we heard. Dates and times to be determined.

Lunch and Learn

Do you have employees that live with chronic pain? Do they call in sick, or have multiple doctor’s appointments because of it? I will come in for a one-hour seminar on how they can control their chronic pain by doing just a few corrective posture exercises everyday. A one time visit, semi-annually, quarterly, or bi weekly visits can be arranged. As an employer you can reduce your health insurance costs by providing an environment where your employees can receive this kind of help.

Because I’m independent, I’m able to keep my pricing well below the industry norm. Set up a 30-minute initial consultation and we’ll discuss the options available to you.

What’s included?

Trained therapist who knows you, your body, your goals

Personalized sessions with your therapist

Whole-body approach to healing

Easy-to-follow instructions, most with videos and photos

Continuous support through your healing journey and beyond

On Site

Videocon ference




Pain takes a toll on every aspect of life. Personal relationships, professional interactions, activities of daily life, performance at your sport of choice are all at the mercy of the pain. A lack of trust in our body and its ability to support us is detrimental to our outlook of all aspects of existence.

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